Because the aluminum alloy has a soft texture and can achieve a large extension, making cooking utensils can achieve a variety of modeling and style change.After the product is formed, uniform particle size after molding, and there is no wire drawing, pad printing and scratch. The process performance of aluminum manganese alloy wafer in cooking […]

McLaren P1 has been introduced to us more than two years ago, back in 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show, but you probably still have your knees weaken every time you see this car. Well, this specific McLaren P1 comes courtesy of MSO division meaning an array of elements on the P1 that distinguish it from the normal one. This week the car has been spotted parked outside Beverly Wilshire hotel, one fantastic spot in Beverly Hills, CA which is known for exotic cars and visited by people from the Middle East.

Why do I use aluminum discs

September 27, 2018

Aluminum wafers are widely used in electronics, cosmetics, medicine, automotive accessories, household appliances, machinery manufacturing, injection molding, construction and printing, especially in cooking utensils, such as non-stick pans, pressure cookers, and hardware, such as lampshades, jackets. Aluminum wafers are the most widely used deep drawing products in aluminum alloys. Such Why do I use aluminum […]

Aluminum square is made from ingot with appropriate alloy elements through a series of processing, with tasteless, glossy and pleasing features. Aluminum sheets can also be divided into a variety of categories, according to the name is widely divided into environmental protection aluminum sheets, industrial aluminum sheets, various specifications aluminum sheet manufacturers direct sales, pattern […]

introduction Aluminum circle blanking line is a necessary automatic production line in cooking utensils industry, electric cooker, pressure cooker, electric rice cooker and pot production enterprise. The equipment can automatically select the most suitable layout according to the width of the coil and the diameter of the circle. By shrinking the space between the coil […]

Aluminum strip — aluminum wafers are ubiquitous in our life, such as all kinds of household appliance shells in our life, as well as all kinds of electronic products and automobile products. The weight and strength of aluminum strip are not high, although the strength of pure aluminum is not high, it can be doubled […]

aluminum disc circles are widely used in all over the world due to their simple manufacturing processes.   Aluminum circle is widely used in aluminum processing and manufacturing industry, such as cooking utensils, lamps and lanterns stretching, traffic signs, aluminum cans and tank heads, etc.. At present, most of the aluminum aluminium circles produced by […]

Because any improper packaging may lead to harm, deformation or oxidation of aluminum bands,so aluminum Circle packaging turns out to be essential . Then what exactly are cautions for packaging of Aluminum Circle for Kettle? First, tic-tac-toe frame is generally chosen for aluminum disc packaging. The framework consists of four wooden bars, two mended above […]

Aluminum circles are widely used in electronics, cosmetics, medicine, culture, education and automotive parts. Electrical appliances, insulation, machinery manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, military, die, construction, printing and other industries. Such as kitchen utensils such as non-stick pans, pressure cookers and other hardware products such as shadows, water heater shell, is one of the largest number of […]