Technical field:
The utility model relates to a forming mold for producing aluminum wafers.
Background technology:
Aluminum wafers are used to produce capacitor shells, toothpaste tubes, shoe polish tubes, medicine tubes and glue tubes. Among them, the capacitor shell has the highest requirement for aluminum wafer, which must be made of pure aluminum with purity greater than 99.00%.
China’s capacitor industry has developed rapidly in recent years, which can meet the needs of the development of electronic equipment and household appliances in terms of quantity, quality and service, and promotes the development of related materials and equipment industry, and has become a major producer of capacitors in the world.
For decades, the aluminum wafers used in the production of capacitor shell have been using the processing technology of pure aluminum strip blanking, and the blanking and lapping method of 1.5mm is adopted. The biggest disadvantage of this process is that the material utilization rate is very low, only about 56 percent, and in the process of producing aluminum strip with pure aluminum ingot, the scrap rate is about 8 percent. Although the waste products under lashing and blanking can be returned to the furnace for refining, but generally the aluminum ingot after smelt by small and medium-sized enterprises is not high purity, unable to meet the production of capacitor shell requirements, and can only be used to produce aluminum alloy doors and Windows. It can be seen that using the traditional aluminum strip blanking method to process aluminum wafers will lead to high cost of capacitor shell and lack of international competitiveness.
Recently, a processing method which can greatly improve the material utilization rate has been developed, that is, using suitable aluminum wire as raw material, using cold heading machine as processing equipment, using high speed closed chip free cold heading molding process to produce aluminum wafer. Practice has proved that this method has extremely high economic and social benefits. However, the traditional structure of the cold heading machine in the process of forming, its speed is slow, and in a pressure stroke process, its mold usually can only produce a piece of aluminum wafer, the production efficiency is low.

The invention content
In view of the above problems, the utility model provides a forming mold for producing aluminum wafers with higher production efficiency.
To achieve the above purpose, this utility model adopts the technical scheme is described in the production of aluminum wafer with molding, mainly including the lower die and mould, its characteristic is along the circumferential direction on the lower die set with feed opening and to work on forming punch forming under the hole, lower punch set in forming hole on the upper die and lower die forming hole is set position corresponding to the upper punch and the die set on one side of the activity has a cutting board, along the circumferential direction in blanking plate blanking forming hole is set, In addition, there is also a driving device to drive the cutting plate to rotate, so that the cutting molding hole on the cutting plate can correspond to the feed hole, or to the molding hole.
One of the Settings of feed holes and forming holes mentioned above is that at least two feed holes and at least two forming holes are arranged along the circumference of the lower die, and the feed holes and forming holes are evenly spaced on the lower die.
One of the structural forms of the above cutting board and the bottom die is the concentric set of the cutting board and the bottom die. The bottom die is provided with a circular sliding groove formed by a pressure ring, and the circular convex block on the cutting board is arranged in the circular sliding groove.

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