Aluminum wafer open-book blanking production line, designed for cooking utensils with aluminum wafer, aluminum wafer and other production enterprises of lamps and lanterns and aluminum suppliers, automated production line designed and manufactured to meet the demand of enterprise a large aluminum wafer blank production, this equipment can according to the width of the coil and wafer diameter automatically choose the suitable way of layout, improve material utilization, material utilization is made to reach more than 80%, is much better than the other way of wafer blanking. The main components of the equipment are: open coil leveling part, feeding and blanking part, finished product palletizing part, hydraulic system, electrical control system, etc.

Technical features of the production line:

1, numerical control automatic, this production line from the coil material to roll up, until the entire volume of material all blanking complete middle do not need to contact any quantity, do not need any adjustment, fundamentally put an end to the common punch punch system of production safety and product quality hidden trouble.

2, the line can use the coil material for direct wafer production, do not need to carry out the longitudinal cutting and crosscutting treatment of the coil material, reduce the production process, reduce the production cost, reduce the possibility of damage to the coil surface.

3. This line makes full use of the width of the coil and adopts the high-precision servo motor drive system to control, so that the disk spacing and the distance between the disk and the material edge are reduced to a small size, which can fundamentally reduce the amount of waste and make the utilization rate of raw materials reach more than 80%.

4. The production speed can reach 20-60 tablets per minute, which improves the production efficiency.

5. Because of the modular mold design, the conversion time can be reduced to less than 15 minutes when the wafer production specifications are converted. Wafers can be manufactured in diameters ranging from 85mm to 700mm.

6. Advanced uncoiling system, six-weight leveling machine, highly rigid mechanical press, automatic palletizing system, etc., ensure the high quality of wafer products.

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