aluminum mirror sheet


The surface of the mirror aluminum plate is bright and clean like mirror, and the mirror aluminum plate can be used as the reflective material for lighting lamps, which can enhance the light effect of more than 60% and save energy.

Mirror aluminum sheet can also be used for solar reflective material, building curtain wall, panel of home appliances, electronic products shell, kitchen furniture, car inside and outside decoration, signs, logos, cases, bags, jewelry box, etc


Alloy : 1050 1060 1070 1100 2024 3003 3004 3105 3A21 5005 5052 5083 5754 5182 5454 5456 6061 6063 7075 8011 etc

Temper: O/H12/H14/H1/H18/H32/H34/H36/H38//H111/H112/H116/H321/T6/T651/T3/T351 etc

Thickness:  0.14-1.5mm


Length: 800-12000mm

Anodize color: Brown, gray, yellow, black, blue, gold.

Minimum order:2000kg


Our advantages

We can provide an 85% reflectance mirror aluminum plate to raising the efficiency of lighting, optics and solar equipment utilization, improving product quality, extend the life of products, effectively save energy, reduce energy consumption, and so on, to meet customer demand for aluminum reflectivity.
























































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