Because the aluminum alloy has a soft texture and can achieve a large extension, making cooking utensils can achieve a variety of modeling and style change.After the product is formed, uniform particle size after molding, and there is no wire drawing, pad printing and scratch.

The process performance of aluminum manganese alloy wafer in cooking utensils manufacturing, We will investigate from the aspects of formability, machinability, rust prevention and corrosion prevention, non-sensitive tendency of quenching deformation and cracking, grindability, shrinkage, thermal cracking and air tightness.

The formability of AI-Mn alloy is the same as that of aluminum.It can be drawn twice in the drawing process of the cooker, which directly explains the special characteristics of aluminum metal in the formability.

Cutting machinability and grindability show the advantages of AI-Mn alloy in cooking utensils manufacturing from two different processing methods.Through continuous cutting and grinding, it can become even granule, smooth and glossy surface, no drawing, pad printing, scratches and so on.The cookware that gets so reflects work fine naturally.

Anti-rust and anti-corrosion, it is because of the addition of manganese alloy elements in aluminum metal, cooking products have excellent anti-rust characteristics, good formability, solubility, corrosion resistance.

The shrinkage of the alloy has a decisive influence on the quality of cooking utensils.It affects the formation and size of cracks.The AI-Mn alloy has strong molding ability, moderate hardness and can stabilize its size change.

As the shrinkage stress of Al-Mn alloy is far less than the bonding force between the metal grains, the surface of Al-Mn alloy keeps remarkable metallic luster. Therefore, it will not produce cracks in cooking utensils.
The composition property of Al-Mn alloy directly affects the gas – tightness performance of the alloy. If the solidification range of the alloy is smaller at the initial stage, there will be a smaller tendency for the molecules to loosen up, and the smaller the pores that can maintain the gas precipitation will be, the higher the degree of air tightness of the alloy will be.
It is because the aluminum and manganese alloy round plate can fuse the characteristics of the elements in the alloy in cooking utensils manufacturing and achieve better technical performance that the aluminum round plate can become the best choice for cooking utensils manufacturing in many metal materials.

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