aluminum disc

  Aluminum circle/disc is the best material for pots and cookware. Around the world, most household pots and cookers are made of a series of aluminium circle/disc. Our products are sold to Egypt, Papua New Guinea, India, Turkey, Canada and other countries.   Hashtag:aluminum wafer,aluminum disc,aluminum cutting disc,aluminum circle sheet,Aluminum circle disc,aluminum circle supplier for […]

introduction Aluminum circle blanking line is a necessary automatic production line in cooking utensils industry, electric cooker, pressure cooker, electric rice cooker and pot production enterprise. The equipment can automatically select the most suitable layout according to the width of the coil and the diameter of the circle. By shrinking the space between the coil […]

Aluminum square is made from ingot with appropriate alloy elements through a series of processing, with tasteless, glossy and pleasing features. Aluminum sheets can also be divided into a variety of categories, according to the name is widely divided into environmental protection aluminum sheets, industrial aluminum sheets, various specifications aluminum sheet manufacturers direct sales, pattern […]